The importance of business cards in the digital age

The importance of business cards in the digital age
May 31, 2016 WKP Admin

There’s no denying the future is digital. The age old debate ce print vs digital is just as important as it ever was – for the world of business especially, with both making a huge impact worldwide. Time and technology has progressed further than it’s ever gone before, and making contact with new people and businesses has gone from face-to-face encounters to a world where you don’t even need to leave the office.

We never used to get inundated with emails, texts and adverts but today, with people receiving emails about new exciting offers, a timeline full of tweets and sponsored Facebook adverts tailored to them – where does print come back into the mix?

Business cards make people take notice. Holding a card in your hand receives far more attention than another LinkedIn request. It acts as a physical reminder of a meeting, in which we are programmed to remember more than an email. Plus, making a memorable impression involves the design too. Keep it simple and try not to overload it with too much information. You want it to act as a sneak insight into the company.

Additionally, attention-grabbing premium nishes establishes instant credibility, and gives that rst impression the ‘wow-factor’. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, so think carefully about the kind of nish you want on your card. Something as simple as a matt-lamination protects the card and offers a simplistic, sleek approach. Gold metallic foiling, blind embossing, die-cutting, duplexing two different paper stocks together… The list goes on. Choose something that re ects the style of your business and at the same time, highlights why you are different. Ideally, you want to avoid the situations like the one in American Psycho where they all sit around a table comparing business cards, which all effectively look the same!

Business cards have been around for centuries and date back to the 17th Century in Europe, when cards were handed out to declare an impending arrival of an important aristocrat. An impressive introduction, which over the centuries has seemingly become a little lost.

It’s time to start showcasing who we are, what we’re about and most importantly, what we can do. So who knows – your business card could be the key to a new job, an introduction to a new business or a potential investor. Click the link below and see what we can do for you…

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